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You can be my friend

The world seems to be a big world, when you are traveling around the world alone, you might feel that you have no one to be with you. However, at Bangkok Oasis Hotel, every customers and staff will truly be friendly to you. They might be the one that will help you through the hard times or the good time that you are in. Many of our customers are enjoying their time meeting new people and friends at the hotel. They would spend a lot of time talking to each other with joyful conversations and chilling at the wonderful waterfall outside the outdoor area.

We would like to serve you with the best service that you will experience of your stay at Bangkok Oasis Hotel.

For Further Information, you can contact us through or through the Facebook page of Bangkok Oasis Hotel ( You can also get a discount rate for your stay at Bangkok Oasis Hotel.

Sincerely, Bangkok Oasis Hotel

Publisher - Sittichai Charith

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