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The Pursuit of Happiness

How’s your Sunday going on for you? Was it fun or awful? Do you have any plans to accomplish on a Sunday? However, Sunday is a day for every member of the family to spent time together, it might be noted as an important day for the family but you will know the real pursuit of happiness in the way of caring for each other because family will always be there for you.

As I walked around the Hotel yesterday, I saw a group of customers sitting together as a family, and sharing food with each other. Some people might think that they are jealous of the family time that they couldn’t make it but there will always be a time for parents to spent time with their child once in a while. Bangkok Oasis Hotel would want customers to have a great family time together at the Hotel with the best experience that the Hotel had develop over several years. We promise to provide full service for the customer and the experience of great Thai tradition in various way.

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Publisher – Sittichai Charith

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