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Far From Home

Imagine yourself traveling a million miles away from your comfort zone, without any thoughts of what you will expect in Bangkok city, and you might not know what to do in the new environmental cultural community.

Would you wanted to find a place where you think that it would feel like home once more? Would want to stay in a place where you could just sit there all day without thinking of any troubles? Would you want to live in the oasis of Bangkok where you will never get stress out?

Bangkok Oasis Hotel will be the second home for you. With thousands of people staying over the past years, most of the travelers would want to revisit the hotel once more, and you might want to experience what they had in the hotel. With over 24 hours of services of transportation, room service, and reception. You can enjoy the city view outside the window, hearing the beautiful waterfall dripping down the waterway like the amazon forest, and the blowing of breezy winds in the humid climate of Thailand. You will never get bored of it. The staff and members here are very nice and friendly to the customers in every way. We guarantee to serve you with the best services in our hotel and we will make sure that you will never be alone. We welcome you to Bangkok Oasis Hotel family

For further information please contact us through the Facebook page, you will also get a discount rate for the stay at Bangkok Oasis Hotel.

Publisher, Sittichai Charith

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