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A place for gathering friendship

As you may all know that in the month of August, it would be the start of the new semester in each branches of University in Thailand. The 1st year student will be looking forward to meet new friends and family in the University. Whether it will be in Chulalongkorn University, Thammasat University, and etc.

However, the traditional way of welcoming a group of new student into the University would be a big part of the University culture in Thailand. As we all know, there will be a lot of boot camp activities, and much more but if you think of a place that could make it more private for each university to perform their best result of the activity.

Why won’t you come to Bangkok Oasis Hotel? You can get the best experience of knowing each other with your friends and family of the university in a unique way. You can also book a room for the students to stay in for the night. One big attraction in our hotel would be the tropical waterfall that blend in the Thai cultural tradition. The space in our hotel will definitely suits the activities and much more.

However, you can contact us through Facebook, and the location of Bangkok Oasis Hotel is in the biography. In addition, Any University who wants to book a stay in Bangkok Oasis Hotel would receive a promotion code.

Sincerely – Bangkok Oasis Hotel

Publisher – Sittichai Charith

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